Images of the East Yorkshire coast

Beach Profiles

Outside the main defended frontages we survey beach profiles down to mean low water at 500m centres every six months.  These profiles are located and surveyed using the GPS equipment so no other ground control is required. When plotted together these profiles show how the beach shape changes over time and when linked to cliff position they provide a valuable record of beach condition verses cliff erosion rate.


As part of the East Riding of Yorkshire council's programme of coastal monitoring over 100 beach profiles are taken. These profiles have been grouped in the following record sets shown below. The groups are divided by geographical area. Please click on the links below.

Record set 1 Collected between Sewerby and Skipsea
Record set 2 Collected between Skipsea and Hornsea
Record set 3 Collected between Hornsea and Aldbrough
Record set 4 Collected between Aldbrough and Withernsea
Record set 5 Collected between Withernsea and Easington
Record set 6 Collected between Easington and Spurn Point

Through the defended frontages we carry out far more detailed surveys based upon obtaining data on a close grid of points. This information has been used to create contoured maps that show in detail how sand moves through the defended frontages between the survey dates. Access the contour maps here.

For further information, or AutoCad drawings of these profiles, please contact